Your Complete Guide to Finding Rare Sonny Angels

Your Complete Guide to Finding Rare Sonny Angels

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If you’re a fan of Sonny Angel, you know how exciting it is to hunt down these cute and elusive collectibles. Finding a Sonny Angel rare figure is like discovering a hidden treasure. They're not always easy to come by, but the excitement when you do is totally worth it!

Recently, Sonny Angel figures have become incredibly popular, especially thanks to platforms like TikTok. But that surge in popularity has made finding the limited edition ones quite a challenge. It's amazing how quickly they disappear online, becoming a Sonny Angel rarity, just seconds after their release.

I know first-hand how frustrating it is to get all pumped up about a new release. You wait eagerly for it to hit your local store, only to discover it's sold out.

Not to worry, though! In this guide, I’ll uncover the secrets of finding those rare Sonny Angels without any unnecessary fuss. So let's jump right in!


A very rare Sonny Angel Halloween 2021 series
Sonny Angel Halloween series from 2021. Image credit: Sonny Angels official website

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1.   Online Marketplaces

When it comes to finding those rare Sonny Angel dolls, the first stop on our hunt is online marketplaces. The internet is a goldmine when it comes to finding rare collectibles. Platforms like eBay, Mercari, Depop, and Facebook Marketplace regularly feature listings for unboxed Sonny Angel figures, and among them, you'll likely find some rare gems.

Shopping online from the comfort of your own home is super convenient. You can browse these platforms to find specific Sonny Angel designs or those limited-edition releases you've been dreaming of. Be sure to read seller reviews and check product descriptions carefully. You want to make sure you're getting authentic figures at fair prices. 

A gold pig Sonny Angel

A rare gold pig for sale on Ebay. Image credit: Ebay


eBay, in particular, is a fantastic place to kick off your search. You will come across some of the rarest Sonny Angels through eBay auctions, which will undoubtedly add a bit of excitement to your quest. Bidding wars with fellow collectors will definitely get your heart racing. It's a tactic many folks use to snag those coveted pieces.

As of the time I'm writing this, the most expensive Sonny Angel figure listed on eBay was a limited-edition Gold Pig, going for a whopping $2599! The seller claims it's one of the rarest Sonny Angel out there.

Looking specifically for blind boxes? Etsy, Amazon, and AliExpress are worth a shot. Just keep in mind that some resellers on these platforms are trying to make a hefty profit. They might even jack up the prices to two or even six times what you'd find in Sonny Angel's official store or other online shops like Anme Shop, Woot Bear, and Strangecattoys


Sonny Angel community on Reddit

Sonny Angel community on Reddit 


2.   Collector's Forums and Communities

Joining collector's forums or social media groups dedicated to Sonny Angels is a game-changer. These communities often share tips, trade or sell figures, and even organize swaps with fellow collectors. It's a fantastic way to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experienced collectors, and get leads on where to find rare pieces. It's a win-win for making new friends and expanding your collection.

Here are some of the best Sonny Angels collector’s forums and groups:


First up, we have Reddit. It's a vibrant online community where Sonny Angel fans gather to share their passion. You'll find valuable tips, discussions on many topics including Sonny Angel rarest figures, ISO lists, and even opportunities to buy, sell, or trade figures with fellow collectors.


Fanhouse is a fantastic place to look for Sonny Angels rare figures. This platform proudly claims to be the go-to destination that showcases available Sonny Angels from all over the internet, all neatly in one place.

Yet, it's important to note that they don't currently support transactions on their platform. So, if you're interested in buying or trading, you'll need to follow the links in the posts to the original listings and connect with the sellers. 

If you're a real Sonny Angels enthusiast, be sure to subscribe to their email alerts. You should also consider becoming a part of the Sonny Angels community there.

Sonny on

Sonny on


Discord is like a digital clubhouse for collectors. It's a fun and interactive way to stay connected. You can chat in real time with other fans, take part in events, and engage with a passionate community.

Here are some of the recommended Sonny Angel-themed Discord servers:

Facebook groups 

Last but not least, Facebook groups are teeming with Sonny Angel enthusiasts. These groups are fantastic for connecting with collectors in your region or worldwide. You'll find out about upcoming events, discover some of the most rare sonny angel dolls, and maybe even score that elusive figure you've been searching for.

Here are a couple of Sonny Angels Facebook groups that are recommended for those who are located in the US:


Sonny Angel Joyful Garden set
Sonny Angel Joyful Garden set from 2018. Image credit: Sonny Angel Thailand Facebook page

3.   Local Toy Stores and Specialty Shops

Sometimes, the best treasures are right in your neighbourhood. So, kick off your treasure hunt by paying a visit to the local toy stores and specialty shops.

To locate these nearby spots, use the Sonny Angel App which is totally free. This app should list all the authorized Sonny Angel dealers in your area.

But, don't limit yourself to just what's on the app. There are other local gems waiting to be explored. Think about places like Japanese lifestyle stores (like Uwajimaya, Mitsuwa Market, or Kinokuniya), bookstores, or stationery shops. And if you happen to have an Urban Outfitters or Newbury Comics nearby, they might surprise you with some Sonny Angel goodies.

Here's a cool trick for finding Sonny Angel treasures close to home: hop on TikTok and type "Sonny Angel" followed by your city's name in the search bar. You'll often discover some cool results.

Now, once you've got a list of these local spots, here's a smart move: give them a quick call to make sure they actually have Sonny Angels in stock. It'll save you time, energy, and the hassle of heading there in person for nothing.

And when you do visit these places, don't hesitate to strike up a friendly chat with the store staff. They often share insider tips on when new shipments are rolling in or where those rare Sonny Angels are hiding. 

An invitation for Sonny Angels Meetups in San Diego

A San Diego meetup invitation. Image credit: on Instagram

4.   Collectors Meetups

Meetups are a blast when it comes to trading. Some collectors aren't too keen on online trading, but meeting face-to-face makes trading super simple. There's no need to stress about scams or asking for proof of prior sales. And the best part? No shipping hassles!

If you're curious about collector meetups in your area, here's a tip: visit collector forums and online groups. Check to see if there are any meetups happening nearby. You might just stumble upon collectors who are open to trading or selling their ultra rare Sonny Angel dolls. 

Enjoy the moment Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Enjoy the Moment from 2022. Image credit: beachysonnys

5.   Online Auctions

Besides regular online marketplaces, consider checking out online auctions. These spots often have the most rare sonny angels, so it's worth a look!

Websites like Yahoo Japan Auctions host a wide variety of collectibles, including Sonny Angels. Keep in mind that you may need a proxy service to bid on items from international auctions.

Sonny Angel Valentine's Day Series from 2009
Sonny Angel Valentine's Day Series from 2009. Image credit: Sonny Angel Thailand Facebook page

6.   Flea Markets and Yard Sales

Flea markets and yard sales are where the magic happens. Sometimes, folks decide it's time to part with their cherished collections or old toys. That's when you swoop in and discover hidden treasures at prices that'll make you smile. Keep your eyes peeled – you won't believe what you might find there. Look out for figures from rare Sonny Angel series that you won't come across elsewhere.

Just remember, haggling is often part of the fun, so be prepared to negotiate a bit. And when you spot a Sonny Angel, take a close look to ensure it's authentic.

Sonny Angels in the shape of a heart

Image credit: sonnyangelpotato

7.   Vintage and Thrift Stores

Don't underestimate the charm of vintage and thrift stores. You never know when you'll stumble upon a hidden gem buried among old toys and knick-knacks.

8.   Toy Conventions and Expos

Keep an eye out for toy conventions or expos in your region. These events often feature vendors and collectors who are passionate about sharing their collections. You might find rare Sonny Angels, trade with fellow enthusiasts, or even attend panel discussions about collecting tips.

In conclusion

Finding rare Sonny Angels is all about exploring different avenues and connecting with fellow collectors. I hope this guide helps you uncover some hidden gems and connect with the vibrant world of Sonny Angel collectors. Remember, it's not just about the figures themselves; it's about the love and passion that goes into building your unique collection. 

Happy collecting and best of luck in finding your rare Sonny Angels!


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