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Are you in search of a neat and organized list to keep track of the collectibles you're hunting for? Look no further, as our ISO list templates are here to assist you!

The term ISO stands for "In Search Of". It refers to a list that you make to keep track of the items you want to add to your collection. By creating an ISO list, you can effectively organize and prioritize your collection goals. It helps you keep a lookout for the rare and difficult-to-find collectibles that you have been longing to add to your collection. 

Our DIY Canva templates are fully editable, making them incredibly easy to use. Simply add pictures of the items you're looking for along with a brief description. The templates can be customized to your liking with Canva, allowing you to freely change the text, colors, and fonts as per your preference.

To learn more, please refer to our blog post that explains how to create an ISO list.

ISO List Templates
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How it works - 3 simple steps

1. PURCHASE: Once you purchase the template, you'll be able to download a PDF with your Canva template link(s).

2. EDIT: If you haven't already, make sure you have downloaded the free version of Canva. No need for a Canva Pro account! Follow the link to access your template. Edit the template in your browser or the Canva app. Upload your pictures, and edit text, colors, and fonts.

3. DOWNLOAD & PRINT: Download as PDF, JPG, or PNG. Print professionally or at home.

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