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White Castle Display Shelf

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The white castle display shelf is the perfect gift for kids who love to collect stuff or just want to show off their treasures. From rocks to dolls, this shelf is the perfect place to display kids' miniatures and collections, like a Calico Critters display.

This beautiful wall decor gives children a place for self-expression and creativity. Watch them arrange the display to their liking and enjoy the imaginative play!

The white castle display shelf features a white-colored backboard and wooden walls in a natural timber finish. This shelf is beautifully cut in the shape of a castle and has 17 compartments in different sizes. It can hold between 20 to 26 minis, depending on size.

Happy Habitants

Lego figures
Angry Birds
Calico Critters
Tsum Tsum
The Grossery Gang
The Trash Pack
Littlest Pet Shop


Width: 19 5/8"
Length: 15 3/4"
Depth: 2"
Width of outer walls: 3/8"
Width of inner walls: 1/4"
There are 17 compartments: 2 tall compartments, 3 large square compartments and the rest are small squares or rectangular compartments that fits small figures or accessories.
Compartments size as in picture


Paulownia wood, sanded and uncoated
White vinyl sticker paper

Fun Fact: Paulownia tree is known as the "princess tree". It's a resistant and lightweight wood, coming from one of the world's fastest growing plant!

Hanging Instructions

The shelf can be easily attached to the wall as it comes with hooks ready for hanging. To keep a clean look, the hanging hooks are not visible from the front

Pads are placed at the lower part of the back side, to ensure the shelf is hanged straight and parallel to the wall

Another way of attaching the shelf to the wall is with 3M command stripes to avoid any damages to walls which is perfect for renters

Made for Kids

No sharp edges
Durable engineered wood construction. The solid wood is high-quality and built to last you years to come

Special Notes

Due to material used, there might be some minor uneven surface at some areas. The wooden grain varies between each piece too. These are not considered as product defect or quality issue

Product price only includes the item mentioned in description. It does not include display accessories

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So cute

We love this shelf! It’s beautiful. Can’t wait to style it seasonally and use it for our Lego guys off season!

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