7 Sisters' Bedroom Ideas for a Cozy Shared Space

7 Sisters' Bedroom Ideas for a Cozy Shared Space

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If you've got two or more daughters sharing a bedroom, you're probably thinking about how to create a space that truly reflects their personalities.

Whether they're twins, close in age, or have a big age gap, sisters can have tons of fun and bonding together in their room. But, of course, it's important to give them a space where they can unwind, study, and freely express themselves.

A sisters bedroom with 4 beds.

An old fashioned bedroom for 4 sisters. Image credit: laybabylay

Creating a special space for your little ones, especially if it's your first time diving into room makeovers, can be a real adventure. That's why I've gathered some of the finest sisters’ bedroom ideas to guide you in crafting a snug and stylish bedroom for your girls.

If you've got older girls, let them be part of the design process for their new bedroom. Including them in the bedroom makeover isn't just a good idea – it ensures they feel a sense of ownership, making it truly their own room.

So, let the creative juices flow, and here are some tips and inspiration to kickstart your exciting journey.


1. Beds

The most important element of any bedroom is the bed. When you have more than one child sharing a room, you need to consider the size, shape, and style of the beds. Here are some of the most popular options for a sisters’ bedroom:

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are a classic choice for saving space and adding some fun to a girls’ room. They are ideal for small rooms or for sisters who like to be close to each other. They allow each girl to have her own sleeping area while leaving more floor space for other furniture and activities.

A girl standing near a bunk bed in a sisters bedroom

Perch Bunk Bed. Image credit: justy_olive

Choose from different designs to match your unique room situation, whether it's L-shaped, twin over full, or twin over twin. If the room has a high ceiling, you can even go for a triple bunk bed!

A white triple bunk bed in a sisters bedroom.
A triple bunk bed. Image credit: laybabylay

Twin beds

Twin beds are another common option for a sisters' bedroom, especially if you have enough space to place them side by side or opposite each other. Twin beds can create a symmetrical and harmonious look, and you can coordinate the duvet cover and accessories to match or contrast. You can also add a nightstand, a lamp, or a rug between the beds to create a shared space for reading, chatting, or playing.

Two light blue vintage twin beds.

Twin beds. Image credit: Kylienshank

Trundle bed

A trundle bed is a bed that has another bed underneath it that can be pulled out when needed. This is a great option for small spaces or if you want to have an extra bed for guests. A trundle bed can also be used as a sofa or a daybed during the day, and you can add some cushions and blankets to make it more comfortable and inviting. You can choose a trundle bed that matches the main bed, or one that contrasts for a pop of color.

A trundle bed that sleeps 3 in a sisters bedroom.

Trundle beds. Image credit: Mooui

Loft bed

A loft bed is a bed that is raised above the ground, leaving some space underneath for other purposes. It is a smart way to maximize the floor space and create a multifunctional room. You can use the space under the loft bed for a desk, a dresser, a sofa, or a play area.

A long loft bed sleeping 2 girls, and a regular bed underneath.

A loft bed. Image credit: decourtdesign

You can also have two loft beds, one for each sister, or one loft bed and one regular bed. The best part - a loft bed adds some height and drama to a room, making it more fun and adventurous.

A sisters room with one loft bed and one regular bed beneath it.

 A regular bed under a loft bed. Image credit: evermorelong

Canopy beds

Canopy beds are beds that feature a frame that supports a fabric canopy over the bed. They are a great choice for little sisters who love fairy tales and princessy things. While they may not be suitable for a minimalist design, they are perfect for themed rooms.

Two little girls in a room with two canopy beds.

Pink canopy beds. Image credit: cissifio

Canopy beds bring a sense of privacy, coziness, and a touch of luxury to the room. You can choose between a simple or fancy frame and pick either a sheer or opaque fabric. And here's the fun part - you can decorate the canopy with string lights, flowers, or ribbons to give it an extra magical touch!

Two loft beds with brown canopy.

A loft canopy bed. Image credit: kate.andthegirls

2. Wall color

Getting the wall color just right is another big deal for the sisters' bedroom. The room’s color palette can set the mood and tone of the room. The color schemes in the room can totally shape how it feels, showing off the sisters' personalities and styles.

Choosing a wall color for a shared bedroom can be tricky. You want to find a balance between the sisters' preferences and the overall harmony of the room. Here are some tips on how to choose a wall color for a sisters' bedroom:

  • Ask each sister for her favorite color and try to find common ground. For example, if one sister likes pink and the other likes purple, you can opt for a lavender or a mauve shade that incorporates both colors.
  • Consider the size and lighting of the room. Light or neutral colors can make a small room look bigger and brighter, while dark and bold colors can make a large room look cozier and more intimate. You can also use different shades of the same color to create some contrast and depth in the room.

A sisters room in dark and bold colors.

Dark and bold colors. Image credit: katesjordan


  • Think about the theme and style of the room. If you have a specific theme or style in mind, such as floral, nautical, or modern, you can choose a wall color that matches or complements it. For example, if you have a floral theme, you can choose a soft green or a pale yellow wall color that mimics the different colors of nature.

A floral sisters bedroom.

A floral sisters bedroom. Image credit: justy_olive

  • Add interest with an accent wall: Create a focal point! It's the perfect way to bring in a burst of color, patterns, or textures without overwhelming the entire room.
    A sisters room with a bunk bed and an accent wall.A wildflower wallpaper. Image credit: danielleburkleo

    In a shared bedroom, designing an accent wall can be a collaborative and fun project for the sisters. They can choose from a variety of options like vibrant wallpaper, creative decals, stylish stencils, or even bold paint colors. This accent wall makes the shared space feel customized for each sister. It becomes a canvas for expressing their individual tastes and preferences.

Puppies wallpaper in a sisters bedroom.

A dogs wallpaper. Image credit: laybabylay

3. Floor space

The floor space of the sisters' bedroom is another important factor to consider. You want to make sure that the room has enough space for the sisters to move around, play, and store their belongings. Here are some tips to optimize the floor space of the bedroom:

  • Vertical space: Think wall shelves, hooks, or racks for showing off books, toys, or accessories. And get creative with the space above the beds or doors – it's the perfect spot for hanging baskets, posters, or banners.

Lovely Little House shelf above the bed.

House shelf by Lovely Little House above the bed. Image credit: Life_with_ava_madeline

  • Under-bed storage: Make the most of that under-bed space. Drawers, boxes, or bins can stash away clothes, shoes, or bedding. And if you want to kick it up a notch, throw in some bed risers for even more room underneath.

as a desk that doubles as a vanity.

A vanity desk. Image credit: laybabylay

  • Multifunctional furniture: Let your furniture do double duty! Use furniture that has more than one purpose, such as a desk that doubles as a vanity, a sofa that turns into a bed, or an ottoman that has storage inside.
  • Rugs: Define different areas in the room with rugs. Create a cozy sleeping spot, a chill reading corner, or a playful play zone.

A sisters bedroom with a beautiful rug between the beds.

A rug that makes the room. Image credit: farmhouseish

  • Toss in some floor cushions, bean bags, or poufs for cozy and comfortable seating. Voila, you've got yourself a mini "living room" where the girls can kick back and hang out.

2 bunk beds in a sisters bedroom with a big pouf in between.

Floor cushion and Perch Bunk Beds. Image credit: oeufnyc

4. Little privacy

Now, let's dive into why it's crucial to make sure each of your daughters has her own space in their shared hangout. Even the closest sisters need their moments of solitude, right?

Privacy is important for personal development, emotional well-being, and individual expression. Sometimes, sisters need some time alone, or some space to do their own things. A teenage girl or a twin sister might need time apart from her siblings, especially when going through a hard time due to sibling rivalry.

Here are some ways to create a little bit of privacy in the sisters' bedroom:


A bookcase is a functional and decorative way to create a room divider in a sisters' bedroom. Place them strategically between the beds, making a kind of visual barrier. It also gives the sisters a spot to stash their favorite books and treasures on each side of the room.

A bookcase divider between 2 beds.

A bookcase as room divider. Image credit: Pinterest


You can use curtains to separate the beds, the desks, or the closets, depending on where you need some privacy. To separate the room into two or more sections, hang a curtain rod from the ceiling and let some flowy fabric work its magic. When the girls need a little privacy or just want a moment for themselves, they can simply draw the curtain. It's an easy way to create separate spaces within the shared bedroom.

A curtain creating a little nook under a loft bed.

A curtain for privacy. Image credit: maggiedaniel

Little nooks

Create cozy corners within the room where each sister can escape for some alone time. It could be a cozy reading corner with a comfy chair, a study area with a desk and some shelves, or even a mini vanity space. These designated spots give each girl a sense of ownership and a retreat within the shared space. It's a simple yet effective way to ensure they have their moments of privacy without losing the togetherness of a shared room.

A cozy reading nook with 2 sisters.

A cozy reading nook. thehendyhouse

5. Sister prints

One of the joys of sharing a room with a sister is the bond and the memories that they create. Sister-themed prints are a wonderful way to showcase their sisterhood and friendship. They include pictures, quotes, or artwork that represent the relationship between the sisters. Here are some ideas for sisters bedroom pictures that you can use in their shared room:


Start with framed photos capturing their laughter, adventures, and everyday moments. A visual timeline of their growing bond.

A photo capturing the big sisters first day of school.

The big sisters' first day of school. Image credit: laybabylay

You can use photos that capture their favorite moments, such as a birthday, a vacation, or a graduation. You can also use photos that show their similarities, such as your matching outfits, hobbies, or pets.

Sisters photos. Image credit: laybabylay


Find phrases that express the unique connection between your daughters. For example: "Sisters are forever friends", "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden", or “My sister is my best friend”.

A framed poster of fun sisters activities.
Sisters poster. Image credit: BerryPrintable

You can also use quotes that will motivate them. Such as "Sisters support each other", "Sisters are stronger together", or "Sisters are each other's sunshine".

A sisters room with a framed print with the quote "My forever and always"

My forever and always. Image credit: ashleywbrickner


Use artwork or drawings that feature sisters doing different activities, such as playing, dancing, or hugging. There are some beautiful options on Etsy.

2 sisters dancing.

Sisters dancing. Image credit: Littleandprints


6. Gallery wall

Let's talk about a cool bedroom design idea – the gallery wall! A gallery wall is a wall that is decorated with a collection of art, photos, or objects that are arranged in a visually appealing way. A gallery wall is a great way to add some personality, character, and flair to a sisters' bedroom. A gallery wall can also be a way to showcase their individuality, creativity, and sisterhood.

A colorful gallery wall in a sisters bedroom.

A colorful gallery wall. Image credit: Sophie Robinson Interiors


Now, creating this masterpiece involves a bit of hard work, but the result is oh-so-worth it. Here are some tips to make it a breeze:

  • Start with a theme. Whether it's all about the color pink, vintage vibes, a cozy atmosphere, or a travel adventure, having a theme makes everything fall into place.
  • Choose a layout. A layout can help you organize and arrange your items on the wall. You can choose a symmetrical layout, for a balanced and orderly look, or random for a spontaneous and eclectic look.
  • Pick your items. From art and photos to personal mementos, choose things that bring joy, memories, and a touch of decor to the space.
  • Frame it up. Frames are like the finishing touch. Whether you want them to match, mismatch, or go frameless, this is where you can add a touch of simplicity, elegance, or even a DIY twist. It's a fun way to make that gallery wall pop and add a unique touch to the rest of the room!

7. Play area

A play area is a must-have for a little girls' bedroom, creating the ideal space for playing, having a good time, and letting creativity flow. Here are some creative ideas to turn this play area into a perfect place for fun and bonding:

  • Tent: Adding a tent brings coziness and adventure to kids' rooms. Depending on the room's theme, it can become a fort, castle, or hideout. It's versatile - use it as a reading nook, a nap spot, or a picnic area, matching the sisters' mood and activities.

A play table and a bunk bed in a sisters bedroom.

Play table and Perch Bunk Beds. Image credit: oeufnyc

  • Table: Adding a table gives the girls a specific spot for various activities like arts and crafts, board games, or doing homework. It becomes a versatile center where your girls can be creative and have fun together. Choose a strong and roomy table to handle their craft supplies, DIY projects, and games easily. This simple addition not only helps keep things organized but also creates a shared space for learning and enjoyment.
  • Jungle gym: Perfect for a little sister to climb, swing, and explore. Introducing a jungle gym adds extra joy to the play area, providing opportunities for active and happy play.

A jungle gym near a bunk bed.

Jungle gym. Image credit: Pinkepank

In conclusion

That wraps up my exploration of shared bedroom ideas for sisters. Remember – making a shared space for your daughters involves more than just interior design. It's about creating a cozy spot where giggles, dreams, and sisterly bonds can flourish.

From the playful days of a younger kid to the older children navigating their teen years, these ideas offer a canvas for growth and shared memories. Soon your girls will make the move from sharing to having their own separate bedrooms. Here's to hoping for an easy transition, as smooth and heartwarming as the memories they create.


If you're interested in girls' rooms, I've written another blog post that specifically explores fairy-themed bedrooms. Feel free to take a peek and discover some inspiring ideas!

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