A little girl playing with fairies in her fairy-themed bedroom

23 Best Fairy-Themed Bedroom Ideas For Little Girls

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The magical and mystical nature that surrounds fairies is probably the reason that so many little girls have so much affection for everything about them.

In this post, I’ll share lots of ideas on how to create a beautiful fairy-themed bedroom along with examples of products and DIY projects that can help you bring these ideas to life.

Disney fairies miniature dolls are lines up on the floor

There’s no one right way to create a fairy theme for your little girl’s bedroom, so don’t feel pressured to implement all the ideas suggested here. Whether you choose to follow all the tips or even just one, you are still guaranteed to spark her imagination.

So, let’s get started!


1. Fairy Lights

The first thing you’ll want for creating a fairy-themed bedroom is fairy lights. Fairy lights are electric garlands, also known as string lights or twinkle lights. These little lights are not very bright, as their main purpose is decoration (these are the same kinds of lights everybody uses to decorate a Christmas tree).

You can hang fairy lights around the walls, on the door, or even on the ceiling!

Fairy lights in a star shape hung on the bed canopy

Image credit: The Pink Dream, Design by CERES

Which type of fairy lights should I use?

I prefer to use battery-operated fairy lights in a child’s bedroom, as it feels safer to me. If you choose plug-in lights, make sure to place them near an electrical outlet so you won’t need to use an extension cord.

When it comes to the bulbs, select the mini-LED ones, and choose warm white lights instead of bright primary ones.

Which fairy light shape should I choose?

Fairy lights come in different shapes. One kind that can help to bring out a fairy theme is green leaves fairy lights. The leaves also make the room look nice in daylight, even when the lights are off. The leaves are often made of plastic or fabric, and usually come in the shape of ivy leaves, but I’ve also seen them shaped like other plant types.

One vine of green leaves fairy lights is hung on the wall above a bed

Image credit: Ivy Vine String Lights by Urban Outfitters

If you already have regular fairy lights, and you don’t want to spend the extra money on buying green leaves fairy lights, a simple way to create a similar effect is to print little paper leaves and tape them to the lights.

Here are a few examples of Green Leaves fairy light ideas.

Target 5' x 3.5' LED Vine Curtain String Lights Warm White - West & ArrowImage credit: Target

Several vines of green leaves fairy lights are hung on the wall

Image credit: Tapestry Girls LED Wall Vine Lights

2. Fairy Doors

Legend states that fairy doors are a magical portal between our world and the fairy realm. Fairy doors are essentially a magical tool to boost your child’s sense of wonder and encourage imaginative play.

A light blue fairy door attached to a pink wall

Image credit: MapleAndGrace via Etsy

By attaching a fairy door to a wall, shelf, or cupboard, you create a magical doorway to a place of make-believe for fairies to enter!

A white fairy door is attached to a white wall.

Image credit: kate's Creative Space

A light blue fairy door with a doormat and a small ladder is attached to a white wall

Image credit: Amazon

3. Furniture Pieces

Now it’s time to add bedroom furniture. Furniture in white or in light-colored wood won't weigh down the room, and natural materials, such as rattan or bamboo, enhance the fairy forest theme.

A great place to start is with a vintage-inspired armoire or dresser. Something wooden and roomy will do the trick, along with a weathered-wood finish to bring some old-fashioned charm.

A wooden vintage armoire stands near a window in a kids room

Image credit: Noa & Nani

Including a great bookshelf in your kid’s room will not only add to the old-world aesthetic, but it will make sure all the brilliant stories that have inspired her room decor are only an arm’s length away.

A white wooden bookshelf with some kids books is hung on the wall

Image credit: Pottery Barn Kids

For a nightstand, you can pick a toadstool chair or a tree stump stool.

A tree stump stool with 3 legs

Image credit: Amazon

A tree stump stool that looks like looks like a natural big chunk of beach smooth wood

Image credit: Amazon

A wooden swing or a hanging chair hung from the ceiling will add a lot of fun too!

A wooden swing hung from the ceiling in a girls room

Image credit: Design by Urbanology Designs / Photo by Matti Gresham Photography


A white rattan hanging chair hung from the ceiling in a girls room

Image credit: Christina Kim Interior Design

A natural colored rattan hanging chair hung from the ceiling in a girls room

Image credit: Design by And Then They Went Wild

4. Mason Jar

A mason jar is a glass jar with a wide mouth and a metal lid. There are 2 different ways to use these jars to emphasize the fairy mood of the room.

Firefly Lantern

Let’s start with the firefly lantern. This one can be made as a really simple DIY project, or you can just buy one online. All you need to turn a mason jar into a firefly lantern is to fill a mason jar with a string of fairy lights. The fairy lights that come on thin copper wire will look best here. Hide the control on the underside of the lid with tape and add a metal hanger to the sealed jar. And voila! You just caught yourself some fireflies to brighten your daughter’s room!

Few firefly lanterns lit in a dark night

Image credit: MetalAndLightShop via Etsy

Fairies In A Jar

This next idea is called fairies in a jar. It’s a bit more difficult to create than the firefly lantern but can definitely still be done at home. You’ll need to glue a fairy silhouette to the inside of the jar, paint the outside of the jar white, and add some glitter. Once the paint dries, add fairy lights, and seal the jar with the lid. You can wrap some twine around the top of the jar to cover the lid and glue some flowers on it to make it look super cute. Here is a YouTube guide for the DIY project, as well as a link to buy ready-made jars.


Few fairies in a jar lit and stand on a couple of books

Image credit: PixieHillStudio via Etsy

5. Fairy Wall Decals

Now we want your daughter’s walls to match the rest of this new magical space.

There are a nice variety of fairy-themed wall stickers over on Etsy.

You can put little fairy decals throughout the room: near the door, the bed, or a window.

Try not to overdo it. Bear in mind that pixies and fairies are always flitting around, and the room should reflect their light and airy nature.

A wall decal of a fairy lying on the power switch

Image credit: Mirshkastudio via Etsy

6. Fairy Forest

Of course, no woodland fairy theme is complete without an enchanted forest!

This Bellewood forest wall mural from Rebel Walls is nothing but stunning.

a beautiful girls room with a forest wall mural

Image credit: Design by Little Crown Interiors / Photo by David Casas

You can place a few potted plants (ferns are a great option) in a corner of the room to create a wild, beautiful space.

Another great way to create a fairy forest is to hang vines! You can use fresh vines (like Ficus) or natural-looking faux vines. Hang them from the ceiling, on the walls around the whole room, or arrange them with potted plants for an extra leafy display.


A bedroom with a vine hung on the mirror near a potted fern

Image credit: Pinterest

7. Pink Stuff

Pink accessories can perfectly match our fairy-themed room: a pink headboard, pillows, plush throws, table lamp, tassel baskets, puffs, and more can all add to the fairy theme.

A beautiful girl's room with a pink headboard, pillows, plush throws, and a table lamp

Image credit: Little Crown Interiors / Photo by David Casas

8. Mythical Creatures

To enhance the magical feeling, consider adding trolls, gnomes, goblins, elves, unicorns, or any other creature that was ever mentioned in the fairy tales you remember from your childhood or that appears in your daughter’s favorite fairy stories.

Two gnomes drinking coffee sitting on books

Image credit: HomeGnomeStore via Etsy

You can display them on a toy-display shelf and let your daughter add, remove, and change the display as often as she likes.

Front view closeup on a house-shaped wooden toy display shelf with Sonny Angels

Image credit: House shaped toy display shelf by Lovely Little House

If you're wondering about the cute dolls in the photos, they are called Sonny Angels. If you're not already familiar with them, here is everything you need to know about Sonny Angels.

9. Fairy Light Wall

Another method of adding twinkly lights to a girl's room is creating a fairy light wall.

This installation is basically two sheer curtains hung on a hidden rod. Behind it, the magic of white-light strings and no-drill command hooks create an ethereal effect that will give your princess the coolest bedroom on the block. Here’s an easy tutorial to follow.

A Fairy Light wall curtain in a bedroom lit at night

Image credit: Led Curtain String Lights by Overstock

A Fairy Light wall curtain in a bedroom in daylight

Image credit: Pottery Barn

10. Fairy Garden

Dry flowers or faux flowers can be perfect for creating a fairy garden. You can buy them online, or if you fancy a lovely DIY project, you can make dry flowers by pressing fresh flowers inside books. Here’s a simple tutorial.

A forest can't have too many flowers, so entwine strands of flowers everywhere.

Pink, red and white flowers attached to the wall around a round mirror

Image credit: BaloosBracelets via Etsy

Another very nice option is to use floral wallpaper. Pick only one of the walls to create a gorgeous accent wall. This stunning Classic Clematis Mural Wallpaper by Sian Zeng has hand-painted flowers spilling over the top of a wall and gives the magical feeling of living in a fairy tale.


A wall mural of flowers spilling over the top of a wall, in a girl's bedroom

Image credit: Design by And Then They Went Wild

11. Canopy Bed

You can add a romantic fairy look to a plain bed by adding a bed canopy.

Drape long fabric panels through a wooden or metal ring attached to the ceiling above the center of the head of the bed. Pull the fabric panel through the ring and down to the floor on both sides of the bed. Spread the panels out to display more fabric and frame the bed or drape the panels around the bedposts at the head of the bed, allowing plenty of room for your daughter to climb into bed. For a classic look, aim for white fabric.

A white bed canopy with pink ornament in a sweet girl's room

Image credit: Design by Maite Granda

Faux flower detailing around the top, or fairy lights can add a lovely touch.

A bed canopy with faux flowers detailing around the top

Image credit: PaulettaStore via Etsy

A bed canopy with gold vine cornice around the top

Image credit: Monique Lhuillier Gold Vine Cornice & Sheers by Pottery Barn Kids

Even a simple white mosquito net canopy over the top of the bed will make it feel more magical. Here’s a nice tutorial for a DIY project.

12. Window Treatments

Go for light and airy window treatments. Light and airy linen and soft cotton curtains in more natural shades allow for more natural light without sacrificing privacy and add to the fairy nature of the room.

Curtains in light peach color in a cute girl's room

Image credit: Design by Cherished Bliss

White airy curtains in a girl's room

Image credit: Design by Little Crown Interiors / Photo by David Casas

13. Wall Art

Vintage posters of butterflies and flowers can be perfect here. Other options are posters of fairies, gnomes, or mushrooms. There’s a wide selection of beautiful prints online.

You can tape the posters on the walls with special invisible tape, use magnetic poster hangers or display them in frames (Ikea frames are a good and inexpensive option).

A vintage poster of butterflies

Image credit: EncorePrintSociety via Etsy

A vintage poster of flowers

Image credit: VintageWallGraphics via Etsy

14. Bed Frame

A vintage-style bed frame with a simple country flare will fit beautifully in your fairy-themed bedroom design. It’s best to keep the bed frame in neutral colors, as it’s a lot easier to change accessories around the room over time than the bed.

Made from either wood or metal, here are a few great options:

Two white wooden bed frames in a shared girls' room

Image credit: Pottery Barn Kids

A white metal bed frame in a girl's room

Image credit: DHP Jenny Lind via Walmart

15. Fairy Dust

Fairy dust is a magical powder that gives the power of flight to anyone it’s sprinkled on!

To make your very own magical fairy dust (or pixie dust, if you'd prefer!), place small pieces of glitter or shiny confetti into a potion bottle and tightly seal the lid. Make a few bottles, each one in a different color, and place them together on a nightstand or a shelf.

Your little princess will love imagining that a fairy waved her magic wand and left streams of sparkling stardust behind!

Pink fairy dust in a potion bottle stands in an artificial fairy garden

Image credit: The Magic Crafter

16. Night Sky

Who doesn't dream of falling asleep under the stars?

You can stick glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling or use a Planetarium Projector to transform her ceiling into a starry sky.

Add a moon-shaped night light to complete the look.

Glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling create a starry sky ceiling

Image credit: Design by Jess Blazejewski Photo: Ruth Eileen Photography

17. Wall Decor

A great idea that might take a little effort is to create a cloud of colorful 3D paper butterflies. Pick up some attractive cardstock in different colors and a butterfly-shaped paper punch. After you punch your butterflies out, fold the wings slightly outward and fasten your creation to the wall using double-sided foam tape.

A cloud of colorful 3D paper butterflies attached to the wall near a girl's bed

Image credit: Jennifer Johner

18. Beddings

I recommend light-colored bed linens to encourage an airy feel.

You can keep the bedding soft and simple with a one-color scheme: white, rose, lilac, or another pastel color. To bring a fairy vibe to the room, add color with delicate floral or butterfly prints.

Simple light pink and delicate floral prints bedding.

Image credit: Pottery Barn Kids

19. Needle-Felt Fairies

Needle-felt fairies are oh so beautiful. They are quite delicate and not intended as a play toy, but for decoration. They’re made of wool using a special felting needle that creates a fuzzy effect. With one or two hung in the room, these tiny fairies are guaranteed to captivate and delight your little girl.

A needle felt fairy swinging on a swing.

Image credit: PETRUSKAfairyworld via Etsy

20. Wildlife

For a perfect bedroom, add a range of stuffed animals and let your girl’s imagination bring her group of friends to life. Cute bunnies and mice can be ideal here.

A soft white bunny sitting on the wooden floor

Image credit: Smallable

21. Chandelier

A chandelier can transform a room into a magical world that is truly fit for a fairy.

Crystal chandeliers reflect the light at every angle, creating an effect like no other.

A crystal chandelier in a girl's room

Image credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Rattan chandeliers enhance the natural, warm feeling of the room. Beaded chandeliers add a touch of playfulness.

A beaded chandelier in a girl's room

Image credit: stylishproductions / design by Britt Design Studio

Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s a practical size for a child’s room in both height and diameter.

22. Rug

A rug can become a signature piece of your girl’s room.

Choose a rug of great quality, soft, and easy to clean.

Here are some great examples:

A soft white rug with lines pattern

Image credit: West Elm

A faux sheepskin champagne area rug

Image credit: Kroma carpets

A white flatweave rug with a white wooden unicorn placed on it.

Image credit: Pottery Barn Kids

23. Door Sign

Now the only thing missing is a door sign that will set the mood before even entering the fairy-styled bedroom. I just love this “Fairies Welcome” sign.

A wooden sign with the words: Fairies welcome written in white

Image credit: Catch My Party

Your Turn!

So, that about concludes my ideas for a fairy-themed bedroom.
Hopefully, I’ve given you a few inspiring ways to transform your daughter’s bedroom into her magical land. I’d love to see what you do with these ideas. Please share them in the comments below or send them to me at adi@lovelylittlehouse.com.



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