LEGO Star Wars Cake Ideas

13 Super Cute and Fun LEGO Star Wars Cakes Ideas

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So many little boys and girls love Star Wars, especially LEGO Star Wars! If your child is a LEGO Star Wars fan, they may ask for a LEGO Star Wars themed birthday cake for their birthday celebrations.

Don’t fret! Here are a few LEGO Star Wars cakes ideas, along with some great cake pictures, to inspire you! Let the force be with you!


1.   Edible Cake Toppers

Edible cake images are printed on an icing sheet with edible ink.

The earliest versions of edible icing paper were made from rice paper. Today, though, there are several different types of cake sheets available. They're made from a variety of materials, including potatoes, cornstarch, and sugar and starch mixtures.

Lego Star Wars - Edible Cake Topper - featuring Yoda, Luke and others

Image credit:  Edible Prints On Cake (EPoC)

For a LEGO Star Wars birthday cake topper, you can buy a ready-made one or make your own cake design. Many bakeries that make photo cakes will accept digital files and print your images with special printers that are specifically designed to produce edible photos. 

Lego Star Wars - edible cake topper image - featuring Yoda, Luke and others holding up high their lightsabers.
Image credit: Amazon

There are three standard page formats that are ideal for the usual cake size. Letter size (8.5” x 11”) fits a quarter sheet cake, legal size (8.5” x 14”) fits a half sheet cake, and tabloid size (11”x17”) is great for full sheet cakes.  

The shelf life of a frosting sheet is up to 6 months, as long as the sheets are stored properly (cool, dry place in an airtight bag).

2.   LEGO Block

Making a themed cake doesn’t have to be hard. A cake with a lot of detail could be a very frustrating endeavor. A simple Star Wars LEGO cake idea is to create a giant LEGO brick and then line up some real Star Wars LEGO Minifigures at the base of the cake.

A cake made out of 3 giant LEGO bricks, with Star Wars Minifigures decorating it
Image Credit: Meg from MegMade Cakes
A blue LEGO brick cake with a couple of fondant LEGO Star Wars Minifigures on top

Image credit: Paula Williams from Paula's Crafty Cakes via Pinterest

To create one LEGO block, you need one cake baked in a 1lb loaf pan. Use your favorite homemade cake recipe or buy a ready-made one. The LEGO studs can be made from fondant, or if you prefer not to use fondant, they can be made from marshmallows or Oreo cookies. If you are not using fondant, you need to frost the cake with butter cream frosting. Add food coloring to the frosting to create whatever LEGO brick color you want.

How to use marshmallows to create the studs on top of a LEGO brick cake for a EASY LEGO cake idea

Image credit: Karen from Desert Chica

How to use Oreo cookies to create the studs on top of a LEGO brick cake for a EASY LEGO cake idea

Image credit: Kristi Dominguez from I should be mopping the floor

Instead of one large LEGO brick, you can make lots of little LEGO bricks or LEGO Duplos with brownies. Frost the brownies, and add 6 matching colored M&Ms to each brownie, just like the pegs on top of the bricks.


Colorful little LEGO bricks brownies laid one over each other. The little studs are made from 6 matching colored M&M’s

Image credit: Karen from Desert Chica

3.   Top of the Cake

The top of cakes is one of the most essential elements when creating themed birthday parties. Here are some great ideas for the top of a LEGO birthday cake featuring Star Wars motifs:

  • Sculpt Star Wars LEGO Minifigures like Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Chewbacca from fondant or gum paste. These are not easy to make, so you might want to consider buying them from a professional cake decorator. I have a whole section on how to create fondant figures, so go check it out.
  • Write a birthday greeting to the birthday boy or girl in a Star Wars font.
A LEGO Star Wars cake with a birthday greeting in a Star Wars font and Star Wars LEGO Minifigures made from fondant

Image credit:

  • Build a LEGO ship from thin blocks of gum paste or fondant. The LEGO "dots" can be cut using a piping tip and pasted on with a dab of royal icing or piping gel. 
A gray LEGO Star Wars ship made from thin blocks of fondant.
Image Credit: Meg from MegMade Cakes
  • Use Minifigures as candle holders. You’ll need thin candles for this to work.
A LEGO Star Wars cake with Minifigures on top holding candles

Image credit: Abigail Buxton

4.   Round Cakes

A round cake is a very popular cake at birthday parties. A good thing about it is that it can be very simple to decorate!

A round cake covered in blue frosting, with LEGO Star Wars Minifigures standing on top of it, along with 2 lightsabers.
Image credit:

Just make a basic round layer cake (choose between two or three layers, which will provide a little added height), cover it with fondant, and add LEGO accessories. For the final touch, use some more fondant to make stars or balls or add the name of the birthday girl or boy.

A LEGO Star Wars cake, covered with blue fondant, with a spaceship and Star Wars Minifigures. The cake is decorated with white fondant stars and dark blue balls.

Image credit: Megan from The many little joys

To make it extra special, display the cake on a LEGO base plate.

5.   Cake Kits

A great way to make an easy Star Wars cake is to decorate a plain cake with a ready-made cake kit.

I’ve found a few high-quality options on Etsy that can help you make a really cool cake.

A Star Wars cake kit including 2 light sabers, Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader head, Storm Trooper head, Star Wars Logo, and 10 small starsImage credit: 

6.   Figure Mold

If the birthday boy or girl is particularly fond of a specific Star Wars character, you can use a Minifigure cake mold to create it. The basic LEGO Minifigure shape can be adapted for any LEGO character: Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, etc.

Chewbacca LEGO Minifigure cake
Image credit: Joanne McDonald @ Mrs Mac's Creative Cakes
Clone trooper LEGO Star Wars Minifigure cake
Image credit: Caroline via Pinterest

Use a silicone mold to make it easy to remove the cake from the mold.

Red LEGO Minifigure Silicone Cake mold
Image credit: Pinterest

Alternatively, print an appropriately sized template of the Minifigure on paper, and cut a sheet cake accordingly.

7.   Candy Molds

A fun way to decorate a cake is to use candy molds. These molds are available to use with sugar paste, candy melts, gum paste, or fondant, depending on your preference. You can also use melted chocolate for your molds, which is less expensive.

Silicone LEGO bricks and Minifigures molds in various shapes and sizes
Image credit: NADOBA store via Amazon

LEGO lovers will enjoy candy molds in the shape of their favorite LEGO Minifigures and bricks that come in different sizes. They are especially useful for making surprisingly realistic cake or cupcake toppers that can be used in a Cupcake Tower. 

Here’s an easy tutorial to follow, as well as some great examples of cakes decorated with LEGO-themed candy molds to get you started.

LEGO Star Wars cake with colorful LEGO bricks and Minifigures made using candy molds
Image credit: Pinterest
LEGO Star Wars cake with colorful fondant LEGO bricks that form the name of the birthday boy. A few fondant Minifigures made using candy molds are placed around the cake as well.
Image credit: Instagram user simplysweetbyhelen
LEGO Star Wars cake with LEGO brick in white and light blue, made from candy mold
Image credit: Serendipity Cakes by Olivia on Pinterest

8.   Ice Cream Cake

I found this Battle of Hoth cake on Pinterest and immediately thought that it would be a cool idea to recreate it as an ice cream cake. This would be a great option for a summertime LEGO party!

A battle of Hoth cake that is covered in white frosting to make it look like the snow-covered planet Hoth!Image credit: Michelle Morgan on Pinterest 

Just remember that ice cream cannot hold up too long at room temperature, so the cake will have to be eaten shortly after it’s presented to the birthday guests.

To create this cake, choose a simple chocolate cake recipe for the base, and bake a large rectangular cake. Then, create a ‘sculpting medium’ using a recipe for Rice Krispie Squares. Use the Rice Krispie mixture to sculpt a landscape on top of the cake that includes a hill, a cave, a boulder, etc. While you’re doing this, remove your ice cream from the freezer so that it can soften enough to spread it. When your ice cream is soft enough, cover the entire surface of the landscape with white ice cream. This will be the snow-covered planet Hoth!

After you’re done, you will want to stick it in the freezer to harden again before serving.

Finally, add the LEGO Star Wars minifigures to the landscape to complete the scene, and, voila, you just created one of the most amazing Star Wars cakes out there!

9.   Yoda Cake

These awesome Yoda cakes are perfect for any LEGO-loving kid.

You can make a simple round cake with green and chocolate frosting and create the ears from Rice Krispies Treats. Check out this super easy baby Yoga tutorial by Desert Chica.

A baby Yoda cake with green and brown frosting and Oreo cookies as eyes

Image credit: Karen from Desert Chica

Or, you can get really creative with this one. This would also be a good opportunity to try out your fondant skills! In the words of Yoda: "Your path you must decide".

A cake featuring a LEGO Yoda Minifigure sitting

Image credit: Slattery

A cake featuring Yoda's face in dark green

Image credit: The dainty baker

A cake featuring Yoda's head in light green

Image credit: Tchitwood from Imagination Bakery

10.             Death Star Cake

One of the best Star Wars cakes is the Death Star cake. But, due to its circular shape and extensive details, it might not be that easy to make.

A Death Star cake with LEGO bricks decorating its base
Image credit: Emma Harris on Pinterest

A Death Star cake with LEGO Minifigures from fondant at the base

Image credit: Cakes By Carol In Peterborough UK

To make a Death Star cake, start by baking a spherical cake. Here is a great tutorial that explains how to make a perfect spherical cake.

Use a round cookie cutter to form the concave base of the laser gun.

Then, frost the cake with either buttercream or ganache, and then cover it with fondant. Now, you are ready to start decorating your Death Star cake! Here is a thorough Death Star decorating tutorial by Grace from Eats Amazing.

If it’s your first time decorating a cake, I suggest you try one of the other themed cake ideas, which are less complicated.


Step by step photo tutorial that explains how to decorate the Death Star cake
Image credit: Abeer from CakeWhiz

11.             Tiered Cake

A tiered cake is a great choice for a LEGO birthday party with lots of guests or a special celebration. Tiered cakes add that wow factor to any kid’s cake, making it a bit more fun and special for the event.

You can incorporate more characters than you would in a single-tiered cake and have a different color or theme for each tier. The end result is always very impressive.

LEGO Star Wars multi tiered cake, with a different theme for each tier

Image credit:

A LEGO Star Wars tiered cake with many bricks on the first tier

Image credit: Cristina Maldonado Gutierrez on Pinterest


A blue two tiered cake with LEGO bricks and Minifigures decorating it.
Image credit: Andrea Howard Cakes
A 3 tiered Star Wars cake with different theme for each tier. The top tier is the Death Star.Image credit: Tea Party Cakes

12.             Fondant Figures

Instead of taking the easy route and plopping on some toys, you can challenge yourself by sculpting LEGO Star Wars figures out of fondant or gum paste.

A LEGO Star Wars cake with many fondant LEGO Minifigures on top of it

Image credit: Nasa Mala Zavrzlama 

8 LEGO Star Wars fondant Minifigures: R2D2, Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and more

Image credit: Sarah Harris on Pinterest

Here are a couple of video tutorials to help you learn how to make fondant Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Stormtrooper LEGO figures.

Another easy option is to use these cookie cutters to create Yoda, Darth Vader, or Han Solo shapes out of fondant.

LEGO set of Star Wars Minifigures cookie cutters, including Yoda, Luke, Darth Vader

Image credit: cpc3ddesigns via Etsy

13.             Millennium Falcon Cake

The LEGO Millennium Falcon cake doesn’t have to be an exact replica of the actual Millennium Falcon. Although some people may attempt to create it as such, that level of detail might be too time-consuming for a lot of people.

A Millennium Falcon Cake side by side by the real LEGO Millennium Falcon built structure set

Image credit: hvanaalst from Cakes by Heather

In my opinion, as long as the cake is recognizable and loved by the birthday girl or boy, that’s what really matters in the end, right?

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon wedding cake, with princess Leia and Han Solo as the bride and groom

Image credit: rachelinauk

Follow the steps in this tutorial by Bernice Camlin from Cute Sweet Things to create a dark chocolate LEGO-style Millennium Falcon cake.

 LEGO Millennium Falcon Cake on a LEGO base made from fondantImage credit: Bernice Camlin from Cute Sweet Things 

In conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading about all of these awesome cakes and decoration ideas. I’d love to see how your cake turned out! Please send your photos to me at

If you’re looking for a great birthday gift for your LEGO Star Wars-loving kid, take a look at our cool display shelves that offer plenty of room to display his/her LEGO Minifigures collection in style!

Lovely Little House black castle display shelf, with a LEGO Minifigures collection

Image credit: Lovely Little House

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Super cute LEGO Star Wars cakes ideas

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